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Get certified in BLS

VIVICPR is a leading provider of accredited Basic Life Support (BLS) training for healthcare providers.

Our modern, innovative courses are available in various formats to meet your needs.
A group of people practicing BLS training on the floor.

Basic Life Support Certification Course

Basic Life Support is an essential program for healthcare professionals. You can register online and attend a class at a location near you.


Renewal Course for Basic Life Support

Register for this course now to update your certification. We accept previous certificates that have EXPIRED with BLS Challenge

Heart & Stroke Foundation


Training That Works

Heart & Stroke BLS courses are based on current guidelines and best practices. This means they're practical and will help you achieve the skills you need to make a difference in emergency situations.


Trusted by Health Authorities

Heart & Stroke's BLS programs are the most trusted program by Canadian Hospitals. Advanced your career today with highly recognized training and certification.


Accredited Across Canada

Heart & Stroke offers courses that are approved for certification in every province throughout Canada. These courses meet the standard of care for Basic Life Support Training in hospitals and emergency settings.

9 out of 10 People are Satisfied With Our Courses

According to surveys, 9 out of 10 people are satisfied with the quality of our courses and would recommend them to a friend. With our accredited courses and advanced training stimulation, it’s safe to say that companies like us, too. Here’s what our students think about us.

“I am so impressed with the quality of this course. I have taken CPR courses before but this has been my best experience. Knowledgeable instructor and all COVID19 safety protocols were in place. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family


Kate, Registered Nurse

Great experience! Answered any and every questions we had. The Teacher was very patient and delivered the content in a clear manner. The demonstrations were very useful and easy to follow. I now feel ready for any challenges that may come my way!


Michael, Respiratory Therapist

CPR & BLS Certification Courses

Our courses are offered through the Heart and Stroke Foundation and accredited across Canada and America. We provide legitimate, quality training that meets the latest quality standards, which means our courses are approved by all regulatory bodies, companies and organizations in Canada.

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Not sure what course you need for your workplace or organization. Don’t worry!

We will contact your necessary organization to find out what certification meets your job requirement.

Basic Life Support

A Wide Range of Courses to Meet Everyone’s Needs

VIVICPR is your source for certification and education about everything related to health and safety. We offer certification training for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED), BLS course, ALCS and much more! All of our courses meet the latest ECC/ILCOR, AHA, and OSHA standards.

BLS Provider

Basic Life Support is an essential program for healthcare professionals. You can register online and attend a class at a location near you.

BLS Renewal

Register for this course now to update your certification. We accept previous certificates that have EXPIRED with BLS Challenge
A group of people receiving BLS training in a room with a mannequin.

Learning That Suit Your Needs

The flexibility of our programs allows you to get the education you need, when you need it. Whether that be through our blended learning option (online + in-person) or in-person only training, we have options for everyone!
We understand that studying from books can get boring, and attending long classes is not always the most convenient option. VIVICPR offers high-quality blended learning course(s) that are presented by certified professionals and meet the latest requirements. You can begin the online component now and then come to one of our training centers to complete the hands-on skill(s) evaluation to get certified.

The Convenience of Blended Learning:

Training & Certification

Scarborough CPR & First Aid Training

A very comfortable training space located near HWY 401 & Kennedy Rd in Scarborough.  The training centre is fully equipped with amenities to boost your learning experience in a caring and relaxed atmosphere. Plenty of parking space is available, easily accessible by public transit and several options for food. The classroom is fully furnished with all facilities to engage the learner. Ample space to get some real hands-on CPR & AED training.

Location Anemities

A picture of a car, a fork, and training.
A room with a wooden floor is used for BLS training.

VIVICPR first aid & safety training

4125 Sheppard Ave E,
Scarborough, ON M1S 1T1
Located on the Church Premise

Frequently Asked Questions

The terminology of BCLS is now called BLS, but they are the same CPR class.

Our BLS training program is designed to provide you with basic life support skills until they are transferred to the staff that provides more advanced care. BLS covers topics such as high-performance CPR, choking, and how to use an automated external defibrillator.

Basic Life Support (BLS) is intended for healthcare providers focusing on high-quality CPR, AED usage, and other primary methods of lifesaving skills. On the other hand, the ACLS course provides you with a host of tools and resources for emergency management scenarios, including airway management, ECGs, intravenous injections and more. It’s important to have this knowledge when dealing with life-threatening situations.

The need for BLS certification depends on what your occupation may be. All nurses, doctors, paramedics, PSWs, first responders, and dental professionals require BLS certification. It is highly recommended for chiropractors, physiotherapists, health coaches, pharmacists & more. 

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